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#33987 - Finally, sighed Hanna Cord out loud, the last appointment of the day! And it had been a long day, up at six, first appointment at 7:30, drive thirty miles through heavy traffic for her ten o'clock, well, it was enough to frazzle anyone! Just as she was about to get out of her new Lexus, her portable phone rang, Hello, she answered, who is it!?! It's me, said a stern male voice on the other end of the line. Sir David, Hanna repli?ed softly, how can I serve you!?! His reply was swift and sure, When you get into the building, go to the rest room and remove your panties, do you understand me?!? Yes, she answered. Also, he continued, did you insert the small plastic object in you pussy as I asked you to?!? Again she replied, Yes, I did it this morning before I left work.

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What was the person you were watching doing that make you kinda freak out
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