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#83633 - Dog cum was running out around thier arms as I had more orgasms, each time I told them to catch some and bring it to me to eat, then I got them to lay down and hold both arms up, sittng back down onto thier fists gave me more control, once my ass got used to their arms, I got 3 guys to lift me, one at my feet, the other two under my arms, then lift and lower me onto the fists, working me deeper each time. I fell asleep around 4 am with a guy still fucking my ass, Tony wanted me to stay over for more fun tomorrow with some more guys, I wasn't going to argue, my ass might be sore but I wanted more too. After a quick shower we got back to fucking, the guys took turns using my mouth and ass, as load after load was dumped inside me, I also took a turn fucking the other bottom guy,to give my cock some relive from the cum building in my balls.

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