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#191158 - I rang the doorbell a few times and waited outside for about two minutes, the door was finally opened by Elizabeth a beautiful woman about 5ft’9 long blonde hair blue eyes amazing ass that looked like it belonged to a 16 year old and a pair of the most perfect double D tits I had ever seen who was hurriedly buttoning up a small white blouse , “Sorry Steve I was about to breast pump for the baby, I had to find a shirt”, “Oh it’s no problem Elizabeth, I don’t have to be anywhere, and Janice took the kids out for the day” “ Oh good! Won’t you come in so we can talk?”. “Oh this looks great Steve” she said as she bent over the coffee table looking through the box, “ you have no idea” I said as I stared at Elizabeth’s cunt that had become clearly visible as she bent over the coffee table also her perfect round ass which was surprisingly and wonderfully tight like a teenagers ass, I could feel my cock slowly lengthening and filling out my left pant leg “what was that Steve?” “Not

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