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#394626 - Jon pours some chilled wine in the glasses and leaves the kitchen area, Maryse serves one of the omelettes to Joe, with a glass of juice and she sits on the chair next to him, using her fork to peck at her food, looking at Joe with a look that he can’t quite fathom. He grins at her and walks closer, as he moves past her, he stroke over shoulder, down her back and over her ass, the sudden rush of goose bumps over her skin makes him grin. He smiles and gently squeezes her hand, she returns the smile, a dark cloud seems to lift from her “Usually I’d say I don’t want you to put your future on hold for me, but if you want to wait for me, then we will both have to commit to it” Suddenly she grins “What is so funny?” “Oh just thinking that in two years you will be a freshman and I’ll be a senior” He blinks “Ah yes, then you will be an old lady and me still springy fresh” She laughs and punches his shoulder “I’ll beat you up with my cane you toddler” They share a l

Read Teen Sex (C92) [Pikorin! (Spiritus Tarou)] Maryoku Kyoukyuu nara Gouhou desu. (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [lHenTie] [Fan Colourized] [ZeDoc] ver. 1 - Fate grand order Petera Maryoku Kyoukyuu nara Gouhou desu.ver. 1