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#183825 - Well being a bachelor I’m never have clean clothes and this is no exception, if it wasn’t for Cheryl doing it for me I think I’d be going commando all the time because of that but tonight is not that lucky so I pulled up my trousers wiggled some to get my cock to fall the right way and off I go after finding my shoes and socks to head out. Well I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, I bought the book and when I returned she was gone, she was nowhere to be found, so I left and keeping the thoughts of her face in my mind knowing I’d never ever see her again but that wasn’t the case. She leaves me standing there wondering what to do and Cheryl comes back out saying so, did you enjoy fucking her the other night or weren’t you going to say anything about that? I looked at her, she giggled saying she told me about this man that was talking to his phone and I knew it was you, but I wanted you to tell me, so, tell me step by step what happened and I might even let you fuck her again if I

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Yoriko yunoki
Very pretty girl and what do you think about hentai with two boys
Kiyoko shimizu
Thank you