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#82218 - I answered Don on the things he asked , “ Oh! Yes Don will you teach me what to do on my first Sexual Experience, I want to be a good Little Boy for you and do whatever you ask me to do, also it sounds good what you said about teaching how to Fuck and Suck , but first off teach me what to do with your Cock” . “Daddy, I am still your Little Boy, but Don is now my Lover and his Little Boy Fuck and I have to do what he tells me to do, No I am not a Virgin anymore Don Fucked my Little Bum this morning and it Hurt for a little bit, but when he taught me what to do, the hurt went away and I backed hard up on his Big 8inch and I took all of that 8 inchs in my Bum, OOHHH what a great feeling it was, Don said I Fucked like I had been doing it for Years, Then he showed me how to pull my Cock, and the best part was that I have had two Big Thrills Then he has started teaching me to be a great Cock Sucker, and he said I must take after you as you were a Great Cock Sucker when you were at Boar

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Shinn asuka
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Takato matsuki
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