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#357029 - My aunt susan stood about 5'8, had an unbelievable body for someone of 42, 32 CC tits, long vivacious legs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and and ass so big and tight, she could probably crack walnuts with it. I thought I would be spent after my first time but i was still ready and raring to go, and obviously so was she, because she lifted her self off me and began to lick her cum up off of my dick and balls. I asked her not to so she came over and laid on the bed covered in come from her face to her ass and knees, she laid down on the bed and i gave her a nice massage while she started to dose off, pretty soon she was asleep, i still wasnt totally spent so i slipped my dick into her pussy gently and started rocking back and forth, i must have started going faster because she woke up after about a minute, she smiled and raised her back end into the air so i could finish the job, i cummed deep into her hot pink pussy, moaning in great pleasure as i did.

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