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#165151 - No doubt those words had Staci all worked up now as her puffy nipples were hard as rocks and showing in full her now desire for this as her body was squirming and moving about as if in pre fucking action of it as she just stared at Shadow whom now seemed to somehow know for himself his owner was having a desire for him that he'd only seen from the other woman that sat beside her. And got up went to the kitchen and made them both some good old always faithful relaxing whiskey and coke knowing from past drinking times with her sister in law how loose she got drinking this. As she stayed in position only swaying as she looked over to see Jackie now putting the soft leathered socks on each of Shadows paws as he pranced and danced and Staci's eyes shot wide open and she stammered out:: HHiiisss ttthiiing isss ccoming oouut Jackie just snickered at watching Staci's entire body shudder as her eyes wide open in disbelief and seeing Shadows cock emerge from

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