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#46116 - She told them she got a call and had to leave. She tells me to come here and I do she kisses me and says you like your surprise and pulls her panties away showing come filled slick crotch and come still pouring out of her pussy then says I have been a bad girl and giggles ,you always wanted me to bring you a come filled pussy well here I is do with it what you want and she pulls her panties off and stuffs them in my face and mouth and lays down on the bed and says now eat me I tell her I want her to sit on my face and drip down on me as she climbs on me she drips all over me I can’t believe how much come she has pouring out I tell her she is my little come bucket whore now tell me the whole story leave nothing out ,she relives the story a she tells me and comes on my tongue adding to her already wet cunt then goes down in a sixty nine position and deep throats my cock till she comes again ,I flip her over and mount her doggie style and I fuck her deep wanting to ad my sperm to the mix

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