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#249384 - I then went onto finish off the massage with her legs and feet, me thinking i had finished the massage undressed and started to walk over to my bed, then i heard anna say, what are you doing!? you haven’t done my front, moaning i got back up and rubbed some lotion on my hands i then started on her neck and shoulders and then, not wanting to be miss guiding, worked around her breasts, this however made my sister do what i never expected, she grabbed my hands and placed them on both her breasts saying in a cheeky tone you missed a bit, me not knowing whether this was a innocent gesture or not, decided to carry on massaging her breasts, i remember her nipples getting hard in my hands and she seemed to like me touching her there so i rubbed my finger around her nipples witch made her give a moan that made me feel strange for some reason, not wanting to miss my chance of a massage i moved on to her tummy. The day I learned to masturbate! It all Started on our family holiday, we being Bri

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