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#115806 - ‘Open your legs a bit more. Beryl blushed and laughed ‘well drink always brings out the truth’ ‘Oh. I stayed that way for a while, eyes closed, leaning back and fucking my moms best friend from behind, I could hear Beryl grunting and screaming ‘FUCK ME YOU BASTARD, MAKE ME COME AGAIN, FUCK ME FUCK ME OOOOH’ when suddenly I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and I knew that I was getting ready to shoot, I pulled my cock out and raced round to the back of the chair and said to Beryl ‘Make me come all over your tits’ Beryl grabbed my cock and started pumping wildly, then I felt a fresh hand on my cock as Mom reached across and started wanking me off ‘You cant leave me out, if I cant have your cock, I can at least help you’ she grunted as she worked my foreskin back and forth, the pressure in my balls was building and the sight of Beryl bent over before me fingering her own arse and screaming ‘COME OVER MY TITS, I WANT YOUR SPUNK’ and knowing it was mom who was wanking me off, was t

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Hisako arato
She is amazingly beautiful
She is fine 10 so hot