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#152149 - The final touch was that I reached around my legs with the chain for the handcuffs, and placed my cuffed hands next to my bound ankles. My eyes bulged wide, as Midori swiftly pulled the dildo back out and then drilled it into my hole again, even deeper. Kagami ground her cunt down against me with sharper and more urgent pressure, and between her gasps she cried out, lapsing back into Japanese: ‘Ikiso! Hafuna me, kono kokudo saseko – hafuna me! [I’m going to come! Suck me, you black whore – suck me!]’ I didn’t know then what a word of this meant, but her need was evident from her rising tone of voice, and I took a quick breath, pushed my mouth further into her warm wet opening, jammed my tongue as deeply into her vaginal hole as I could go, and then corkscrewed it around.

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