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#105304 - I brought my hand up to my mouth and slurped it in; watery, but not distasteful l, and I put my hand back and rubbed him some more, learning a young dog`s cans and cannot, as he, in turn, learned about a man`s cock, and its jumping around was a source of pleasure for him as he caught it in his paws, let it go and caught it with his jowls, but it took a while before he learned I didn`t want his teeth gouging it. The black lay down on my mattress, seemingly exhausted, and I took off my shorts, turned off the light, and lay with her, She rolled on her back a little, and I understood she was offering me her tits, so I bent down and gingerly took the first into my mouth, as the puppy set, himself, a male I could see, opposite me and sucked the same. His tongue and mouth sucked and lapped at my neck, and he shuffled forward, from one rear leg to another, his whole current length inside and his bulbous knot now spreading my anus and pushing my rectum wider and wider, until the very end o

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