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#321616 - She had a few more orgasms, then Joe and Sue walked in, he looked at Sandy, then looked again, it took awhile before he realised I was fucking her ass, his face went strange, but his growing cock told me he was turned on. I got her worked up, fucking her pussy harder, building her up with a good few orgasms, then with a bit of lube, slid a finger in her ass, she held firm, her orgasm got stronger, then a second and third finger went in her ass, she loved it, pushing back firmly onto my finger's, her orgasm louder than normal, so it was time to try her ass with my cock, with a bit of spit, I eased the head into her virgin hole. As we rested, Sue told Joe how she had sat on his cock in the spa, and slipped it in her ass, he said it had felt tighter, and that was why he hadn't lasted as long as normal.

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