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#261890 - Edward and Jessie sat at the kitchen table, having survived, relatively unscathed from their first ordeal with Michael, Edward was still running over the events of the day, aghast at the fact that he had kicked that boy, even if he hadn’t put his entire effort into it, he had still caused harm, something he was glad his little brother didn’t have to witness. Unused to being sucked, Edward’s breathing became erratic, he grasped onto Michael’s shoulders hard, Jessie still watching wide- eyed , the boy’s natural sexual drive kicked in, and soon enough he was wildly face fucking the man, the boy’s balls slapping against Michael’s chin, he drove his cock into the man’s mouth full hilt. Tears streamed down his face continuously, his only comfort was he had spared his brother this.

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Thanks for the courteous 0 25 second volume warning luckily thanks to my spider reflexes i was able to pause it in time