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#193732 - Scott was awake, but completely out of it, as Isaac lowered him onto the bed he fumbled at Isaacs buttons, Isaac grabbed his hand and pushed it away, then smacked him across the face with the back of his hand. Isaac moved his arm and ran his fingers through Scott’s hair. Isaac chuckled and Scott ripped his hand back, he hadn’t realised he’d touched hard enough for him to feel it; Isaac turned backwards and looked at him, “Can’t keep your hands off me huh?” Scott went bright red and put his hand over his eyes, “Sorry” he muttered quietly.

Read Australian 片腕の騎士ルシュカ本編 Arrecha 片腕の騎士ルシュカ本編

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Tetsuro hoshino
Absolutely epic stuff stop the stimulation right before you have an orgasm and you can cum several times and it makes the last full blown orgasm extra intense sooooo gooooood
Hikari sakurada
Das war viel zu fest am ende jz mal realtalk kein wunder kommt der schw cher als die faust einer frau mit muskelschw che
Son goten
I want to fuck