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#122396 - Her moans and sighs were becoming loud with every thrust of my cock into her she gulped in air her panting grew deeper and louder, Silvia rapped her legs around me then ordered l thrust my cock harder when l re-entered her dripping pussy, l couldn’t hold on any longer and without any warning l gave a hard thrust into her hole and just emptied my balls with such force into her womb Silvia screamed and bit my shoulder as if to stop herself from screaming again. The old guy Maurice turned up the next day looking for a repeat of the night before, but Silvia made it clear she got what she wanted from him and wasn’t interested in a re-run, later in the day Brenda came around as Maurice had gone to golf or a few hours. Me and Robert had dinner then he went out, l had a bath and went to bed, but was woken by Robert and his friend Davey, Robert wanted me to show Davey what l looked like dressed in my girl outfit.

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