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#154910 - Kim Weston, not waiting to hear Sarah's question, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth directly to her wide open slit, and intoned harshly, Now eat it, you little cunt, do me right now!!! Still a little stunned, the 18 year old gingerly licked Kim's outer lips, but that wasn't at all what Kim had in mind, so she forcibly held Sarah's mouth over her now straining clitoris. When she shrugged off her blouse, Miss Weston, for the first time got a good look at the large expanse of soft tit flesh and said in a soft voice, My, my, you have a beautiful chest, dear, what size is it?! Thirty eight double D ma'am, the eighteen year old replied quickly, feeling proud that her teacher was so impressed by her heavy chest! Okay, let's take off the bra so I can massage your shoulders, intoned Miss Weston, in a slightly husky voice, here, let me help you with the hooks, and with shaking fingers unlatched all four clasps, freeing the large chest from its

Read Wank ショタの下ごしらえをする咲夜さん - Touhou project Hardcore Porn ショタの下ごしらえをする咲夜さん

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