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#167840 - nothing really going on til i say i want a kiss, she looks at me and is like no michael you are my cousin and i say who cares i want to kiss you so bad, she smiles and looks away like she is thinking about it, then she says ok but real fast and in my mind im like ok whatever. I'm kinda shocked but ready for whatever happens next! So the next day I'm on a plane to Georgia to stay with my aunt Heather who is absolutely gorgeous! I'm excited cause my mom talked about me getting a job with my uncle and just having an awesome summer, so I get off the plane and see my aunt waiting for me and she runs up to me and squeezes me and gosh it was an awesome hug, her double-D's were amazing lets just say I have wanked one off too her a couple of times! She says everything is gonna be fine and I'm gonna have a great time. I play with her boobs as i cum a little more and she just smiles swallows the rest and to my surprise she wants more! I say ok but not tonight she gets a

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