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#106281 - WIFE Husband Cuckold Contract IT IS AGREED, on this the _______ day, of the month of _______________, in the year ____ and between the couple known as ___________________________________, henceforth referred to as Wife and her present husband _____________________________, henceforth referred to as the Husband and ____________________ henceforth known as Master, Black Lover or Black Bull: Tthe Husband knowingly and willingly agrees to surrender all control to Wife in their sexual relationship and agrees to support her actions with other men whom she may choose, for both of their enjoyments, but particularly for her sexual pleasure and fulfillment. DISSOLUTION; Husband further agrees that all sexual rights which he at one time possessed are dissolved. In addition, Husband surrenders his role as ‘Head of the house’ in the traditional sense and instead agrees to function as a submissive supporter of Wife in her search for sexual variety, satisfaction and fulfill

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Lady une
Hot baby
Rio momose
This is from that movie isn t it i recognise it
Asagi igawa
Whos that guy pls tell meeeee