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#114037 - My body is full to burst with tentacles while I am consumed by sensation that would surely knock me unconscious had Sh’daq not adjusted my body to accommodate such an experience. My eyes are immediately drawn to His lower half where there stands an erect shaft as big around as a man’s head and as long as His arm. And now the edge was in sight and I was hurtling myself toward it at full speed until I shot off the end and into a climax that seized my entire body with a force that ripped me of any semblance of sanity I had left, reducing my being to the heat of the fluid that released into my body and wave after wave of a pleasure so unbearable that my world spirals into blackness and I feel no more.

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Yuuki oojima
Alas poor tyler he might not know but god does
Angelina ajimu
Looks like it was a quiet day at pfeiffer falls in pfeiffer big sur state park love that hike