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#195483 - For the next five minutes I ravished her willing pussy, and each time I hammered the end of tunnel, she came! With my own climax approaching fast, and my arms beginning to tire, I backed her up to the tiled wall and simply pounded her against it,harder and faster with each stroke! Her cries, moans and squirming body gave me to know that she was cumming continuously, and it wasn’t long before I joined her, pumping what meager offerings my middle-aged body could scrape together in the wake of its previous depletion, deep into her clutching, spasming body! What my ejaculation lacked in quantity, it more than made up for in quality! Stars burst behind my eyes and my knees lost the ability to hold us up! We slid slowly down the wall, my valiant member still trying to spit something, anything,into Parminder’s nearly comatose body! When next I was aware of my surroundings, the water from the shower was beginning to cool, and Parminder was planting a series of small,tender kisses all ove

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Omg ty baby you are so sweet s2
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