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#131064 - At closing time we leave and Dave asks if it is red shoes no panties I distracted his sister in law so he can find out, he gets a feel, we split up and when we get home and Jean is wet and wanting it. On arriving down town we hit a few bars an some how lost Mal & John, we ended up in a club sat at the bar Dave was at the end against the wall then Jean, Lyn and me I was still trying to get a feel of Lyn’s tits, when I spotted movement under Jean’s top [she had her back to Dave] I moved position so I could see in a mirror that Dave was having a good feel. The next forfeit is Dave’s and he has to demonstrate 4 sexual positions with Jean, first 69 then doggy style then missionary position all the time Dave show’s great restraint and does not put his cock in Jean, the last position is with Jean on top, she looks at me then sinks down onto Dave’s cock and starts to ride him, game forgotten and we all have great sex When Dave and Lyn leave I fuck Jean asking her if she likes having 2

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