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#52263 - I started to repeat that, getting faster, until I was completely pounding her, she was moaning in deep pleasure, but I felt the end coming soon, I told her, and she said she was on the pill, I started to do longer, slower, thrusts into her, until I finally shot my warm semen into her, she layed down flat, panting in pleasure, we were both panting, and sweating, then she weakly went backwards, my dick flopping out, covered in her juices, with all of mine dripping out of her pussy, she came up to me, and kissed me passionatly. Her name was Victoria, She was 16 , she had innocent blue eyes, mediumly sized breasts, beautiful cheekbones, a fairly average weight, and an average height, to others she seemed like an average teenage girl My name is Daniel, I am about 6 1/2 inches, also a bit chubby, Black hair, dark green eyes, a bit taller than average, I was 16 too. She giggled a bit, leaned over, and kissed me, then she trailed her lips down lower, to my chest, then she knelt down, an

Read Sucks Tenshi no Inu Mani... 2 - Sora no otoshimono Best Blowjob Tenshi no Inu Mani... 2

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