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#125906 - He puts his arms around me and hugs me tight then his hands start to rub down to my ass and he actually starts to raise my skirt right there in the hallway , as I try to push him away his hands find my bare ass cause I was only wearing a thong. I pull over and look to see if someone needs any help, I get out after making sure my four ways are on and no ones coming. Why were you sitting in the middle of the road? The car would not go anymore it just stopped there, then the lights died and I just stayed there not wanting to move, hoping someone would hit me and then I would not feel the pain anymore.

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Sayo hikawa
The hero we need but not the one we deserve
Ryuuji furuya
Great fuck love being fucked like a true whore
Chiaki morisawa
Whennshe was like yayayayaya i actually couldn t stop laughing
Yukio kasamatsu
No no no way too weird for me
Thank you