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#49754 - “So boy’s do these look dirty enough for you?” Kathrine asked as she turned and showed her sexy round ass before bending over at the waist opening her legs to show the crease between her thighs, a small wet patch was visible in the panties crotch. Kathrine knew that Lindsey was Cumming, she knew that sound and that is what sent her over the edge too, her own orgasm stated as Micheal’s cock thrust hard into her, he felt her pussy tighten and the heat rise before the wetness washed over his hard cock and began to leak out from the sides wetting Kathrine's thighs as she almost fell forwards, her arms growing weak with the intensity of the orgasm, her face buried deep in a pillow she held the sheets in her hands tight as she felt the orgasm go on and Micheal’s cock pound still into her without end. Micheal was bright red with embarrassment as Lindsey passed the garment to Kathrine “Yours I believe” she smiled “Yes mine, one of my dirty pairs if I’m not mistaken” Kathrine sa

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