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#401503 - ) Amber: Hey Bob Amy is talking to you! You gonna fuck her or do you want some one else? ( Bob shook his head yes, but was still thinking about these new girls would look like, and were they women or young girls?) Well if you are going to then do it. ( she closed her eyes and shook her head ) Amber: Bob you were told what you need to know. Bob: Do I know them? ( Candi and the others smiled and shook their heads no) What's their names Candi? (Candi shook her finger back and forth and said nothing) Lynn: Bob think you handle all six wives? ( Bob got that dumbfounded look again) That's right you will have six of us to fuck.

Read Anus Imasara na Futari | The Two Of Us Bald Pussy Imasara na Futari | The Two Of Us

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