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#227704 - Adding she didn’t know when they would be home. We made a few more moves and she changed position, sitting back she pulled her legs up and rested her hands on her knees, I tried not to look, but my eyes were draw to her pussy like a nail to a magnet, my cock was solid in seconds, and due to the fact I was in my pyjamas it stuck straight out of the pee hole in front, Julie smiled, “So you want to fool around then”? I couldn’t what I was hearing, I swallowed, “Sure if you do” she got up and unfastened the rest of the shirt buttons, her tits were not covered by a boys nightmare, namely a bra, her tits were about 32c, with nipples like an eraser on a pencil, her aureoles were already puffy and covered in little goose bumps. We remained motionless for a while, she then opened her eye’s they were filled with love and lust, a tear ran down her cheek, she kissed and held me tight.

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