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#380501 - When you came home from your trip, tired and jet lagged, I started with a massage to relax you and then I put you in bed and climbed in next to you put my head on your chest with your arms around me, holding me close. I grab your ear lobe with my teeth and bite whispering in your ear, come on baby, I want you to bury your hot seed inside of me That is all it takes as you grab my waist and pull me tight against you, I feel you explode inside of me, over and over again. Coming to look for you and finding you watching tv in the living room, I walk over to stand in front of you and ask you to come back to bed with me.

Read Amature Sex 月庭の聖女淫蜜の宴第1話 Vagina 月庭の聖女淫蜜の宴第1話

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Man it made me bust even faster