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#391831 - “You almost got your finger caught? Oh I feel sooo much sympathy…” He said and drew an ireful look as she fixed the cage around his cock and balls. She reached up and ran her fingertips through his hair, caressing him affectionately as they snuggled in the too-hot but lovingly intimate afterglow, “Ah… Come on baby, let’s get your cage back on…” “D-do I still need to wear it? I can stay soft?” He breathed softly, an edge of pleading in his voice. “Yeah Carter baby, ride that dick, come on, harder…” She moaned, arching her back and squirming comfortably on the bed as Carter obeyed, his slow movements quickening now to the point where the sound of their bodies meeting started echoing around her small bedroom, her icy blue eyes glazed over with lust and the desire for so much more.

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