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#273658 - All I could do was stand here on all fours and let this dog take me, just then he seemed to stop and I felt his cock growing inside me, Ho my god I thought he was going to split me in two then I felt him shooting his hot sperm deep inside me Ho god it felt good he filled me up and I could feel it running down the inside of my legs, look at that Shaz, May said with a laugh in her voice I think she’s as full as she is going to get what do you think. I finished my bath got dressed it felt nice to have clothes on again then I went down stairs to May and Shaz, here you are Shaz said as she offered me a glass of wine, I looked at her its ok she said your one of us now, yeh May said the game is over. Shaz walked up behind and began pushing me down the yard, I have never been this way before wonder what’s down here, I was soon to find out, here is your surprise Shaz said and as I looked down the yard I could see May in one of the stables, and she was stroking the biggest horse cock I had e

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