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#34107 - . I don’t suppose it is going to do much for my overall ‘score’ or indeed give this piece a starring role in the ‘best ever’ category, but I get so much enjoyment writing these stories (it’s a diversion from the writing I do in ‘my other life’ away from this site) that I would like to encourage others to ‘have a go!’ How do you start? Well, in general fiction, that might be difficult, but on this site, the content is already broadly defined for you isn’t it? You must have an interest in the subject because that’s why you are surfing here anyway! You feel the need to write erotic fiction and there’s probably one particular category that interests you more than others, so you start with that. I made a slight edit to the story, put an explanatory paragraph in at the start and re-submitted it as ‘A good hard spanking for Sue!’ Nobody could have any doubts what that was about, could they? As I write this, the story in its original format has been read 5012 times and has had ‘no comment

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Gray wolf
Awesome blowjob you are great britney