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#349342 - Jeff ‘’tank’’ their heavy weapons expert was loaded down with an M249 the saw (squad automatic weapon), a Desert eagle . 50 caliber snipers rifle with 20 extra clips in her duffle, and 10x optics, a Beretta M92 for close up, and an M-8 just in case things went SNAFU. I felt light headed as I took a hand and grabbed at my crotch only to find a vagina ‘’I am truly sorry for that’’ came the lead squids voice from the corner of the room ‘’I didn’t think I would hurt you that bad’’ what did you do to me you squid ass hole?’’ ‘’ I am sorry captain but when I was having sex with you , you broke and I fixed you’’ ‘’by turning me into a woman?’’ ‘’ I read your mind it is a deep secret of yours isn’t it ?’’ ‘’well it is but I didn’t think it would happen I want kids someday’’ ‘’you can still you are a fully functional woman……with a few bonuses’’ ‘’what bonuses?’’ ‘’ since I owe you for what I did I made it so your friends, family and everybody you have ever met will see you as if you have alw

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