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#49471 - I went across town to my old neighborhood to talk with my friends I have known for a while and while on that side of town I mailed the dvd to her so It would not look like I was sending it from next door this way I can have a little fun and her not think it’s me right off the bat. I let her head o for a min then proceeded to grab the sides of her face and thrust my cock in and out as if I was fucking her pussy I facefucked this woman for an hour before I pulled out and shot my load on her face and it dripped off on to the garage floor. About four days later I see the mailman stop at her box and I saw my envelope o in it and I knew today was the day I would have my fun not sure how far I would take it or if she would bite on my threat to show her husband and friends but we will soon see.

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Appreciate you actually listening remember who suggested the cum countdown clock when you break the internet we are all trying to time it anyway so why not make it obvious i might be in the minority here but seeing the woman actually orgasm is a huge turn on check out fuckforeverever for inspiration you two are the best out there imo