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#111583 - it hurt soo much but i wanted more i kept talling him more more more screaming him name out i cam 2 that night and anther 3 times in the mornign before school started the nexted day he came over i asked him to fuck me but mot soo gentle i wanted it hard still sore for the night before i wanted it i craved it soo after school we went back to my place i went to the shower to clean up i came out after in just my see threw bre and thong. he walked in and said well well well i didnt think you had this nice of a body. later that day at lunch i was eating alone by my locker when he walked past again he stoped in front of me, and with a think deep voice he asked if he was the one that kncoked me down when he flew down the stairs i look up and him and told him yes but it was ok and continued eating my lunch.

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