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#235848 - I stood up and took Logan and Vicky by the hand and we all went to tuck Logan in, I am not sure why but when Vicky leaned down for her good night kiss it was just a peck and then she turned to walk out of the room and when I leaned in for my kiss Logan had a smile on her face, she wrapped her arms around my neck and when our lips met she pusshed her tongue in my mouth and did a little wrestling match with my tongue, it was just for a second but it kinda scared me and I turned towards the door and Vicky was already headed to the den, so I looked back at Logan and leaned back down and kissed her again and this time I rubbed her tits and pinched her tiny nipples through her shirt. She stood there for a second and said she was going to get Logans panties and t-shirt, Logan waited on her to return and she walked towards her mom and Vicky knelt down and slipped her panties on that cute little girls ass. I looked towards the door and there was Logan standing beside the bed and she was stari

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