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#141998 - when harvey left i sat dwn not in any rush to go to my brothers dinner party i turned on the tv and watched it for 20 minutes when i went a put a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on and drove to my parents house when i walked in i dint use any manners at all i walked into the dinner table room and said oright and took a set next to harvey as i walked to my set all the guest looked at me. harvey leaned over and wispered what the hell are you doing i wispered back acting out every loves the bads ones by the looks of it we ate are meal and i burped really loud and my mom breathed out loud to sign she was getting angry at me i spoke to one of the guess and said to him so what bitch you shagging now a days the guess was shocked and looked at me in a really bad way harvey turned to me and said are you quite finished so i said to him you dont like it you know a divorce is still an option then i got out of my seat and walked out slamming the door behind me driving home harvey tri

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